iOS app plans for year 2011

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It’s that time of the year again, the time for new year’s resolution and planning. The past year has brought interesting addition to our family: our baby girl “Youyou”. On business (or iOS app) side, I joined the iPhone (iOS) developer program in July (paid the $99 annual fee), and released the first app myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator in middle Sept. The second app collegeFund ~ college savings calculator shortly followed. The results exceeded my expectation, as I released a few updates to fix the problems/add features. Meanwhile, I went to the Voice That Matters – iPhone developer conference (Philadelphia) in Mid Oct. Meeting iPhone developers and learning new things are the main take aways there.

For the new year, I am thinking of two things: 1) Continue to improve the existing apps; 2) Work on an iPad version of retirement savings planner. I don’t have a definite timeline yet, as I still have a day job, but I hope to release the iPad app before the iPad 2 arrives.

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