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Top 10 questions asked by new iOS developers: I

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Top 10 misconception or mysteries facing new iOS developers. Summarized from my observations and own experience. Part 1.

Free app or paid app?
This is a big question. Apple iTunes app store is not a freebie store (compared to many other app stores), that being said, most downloaded apps are either free or cost 99 cents. It’s hard to make a living on 99 cents apps and at the same time providing free upgrades. Apple does provide other revenue models such as Ads (iAd and other ads) and in-app purchase. I have not tried those, and I think ads are good for app with a lot of downloads (at least 10,000, or 50,000), and in-app purchase are good for certain app or features.

Ads or No Ads?
I remember Mike Lee, a pioneer in iOS app development, once said don’t annoy users by Ads. That being said, we all need the money to live, again I think if we can make some Ads money without really annoying users. That’s ok.

Universal App or separate iPhone/iPad apps?
Tough question. Again it depends. I remember Kirby Turner said a few things on this topic at VTM last fall. His suggestion is do it when “functionality is same or similar for iPhone/iPad apps”, and “enhanced user experience”, on the other hand not to do it when “Functionality differs greatly”, and “business justifications”.

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