Turbo Tax discount and weekend in review

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Turbo Tax Federal discount

It’s tax season again. Here is the Turbo Tax Federal discount available to me. In most cases I think it will also work for others 🙂

Bank of America: 35% off link
Citicards: 35% off link
Scottrade: 30% off
Vanguard (regular customers): 25% off

Weekend review
Signed up the 360iDev iPhone conference in Denver (Sept 11-14 this year).

A few weeks ago I found this article Embed a navigation controller inside a tab bar controller, and it’s very helpful.

Does Apple just become an ordinary company/store? One sign: using “holiday promotion” tactics A LOT.

It seems to me most people are counter-clock wired: I mean, most drive ways, tracks are designed that way so that the traffic goes in counter-clock direction. But occasionally people break the rule: I did this couple times, and I remember once another driver got really mad (honked at me). And yesterday morning I saw people do this in Panera Bread parking lot.

Airplane mode on iPhone: it becomes handy at night (so that I don’t wake up and read the twitter); it saves battery too.

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