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Fazoli’s is fast Italian food restaurant chain. I used to work at a company where there is a nearby Fazoli’s. It’s became my preferred lunch place, after I went there a few times with co-worker (and order Chicken Caesar Sandwich only, because in the beginning I don’t eat pastas, being from China I eat noodles instead).

Today I went there again for lunch, and was very surprised and happy to see a familiar face: a Thai lady who used to work there and I got to know over the years.

Life becomes more interesting and rewarding, when we meet old friends unexpected 🙂

BTW, Fazoli’s menu and utensil got a face lift too, they got rid of the cheap plastic utensils, use the real plate and forks instead. The only thing missing, is I no longer see the old article (1990s) introducing the Fazoli’s as “Italian Food, Fast” concept, maybe they lost it during renovation.

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