Distribute Ad Hoc Application over the air OTA: some tips

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(Update 08-29-2014) As of iOS 7, this functionality needs some tweak. See this thread on stack overflow and this post. The gist of the change is Apple disabled http, it needs https now.

(Original 05-14-2011) I was following John Muchow’s tutorial “Distribute Ad Hoc Applications over the air OTA“. It worked as expected until the last step, when I click the link on my iPad 1, it says “can not download the app…”.

Did google on this, found one relevant discussion on stackoverflow. I was using my web hosting company web interface uploading the file, so I switched to ftp, changed to binary mode. Same results.

I realized my iPad 1 was still at iOS 4.2.1, while my Xcode was building 4.3 target. So I changed the target to 4.2 (in Xcode => Project Setting => build target), and repeated relevant steps in the tutorial (mainly to create the .ipa and .plist). Things worked after I made the change.

Btw, I found Xcode 3.2.6 build-in capability to share and distribute (submit to app store) is cool.
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