Set up SVN (Subversion) on local machine (Windows)

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I need to do some development work on Windows, using Visual Studio. I like to have a simple source code control system, in recent years I have used CVS, Subversion and git (on Mac). I did a google search on Subversion and found some instructions regarding setting up Subversion.

Setting up Subversion on Windows

and this one

Installing and Configuring SVNServe and TortoiseSVN on Windows

Download/install the SVN server and starting the windows service was relatively straightforward. So as the Tortoise SVN client. Couple things keep in mind:

1) Some sites requires registration or install additional software, I chose sites that does not require registration.

2) I found sometimes I can not open up svn://localhost successfully, in the same command prompt window where I start the SVN service. After I close the command prompt and tried again, it worked. The commands I used are:

set SVN_EDITOR=c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe
svn mkdir svn://localhost/myproject

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