Morning meeting at Hope

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A lot of good points.

We congrats/celebrate with kids (did something, e.g., potty training), we don’t “reward” them (Sarah).

The “grit” (persistence) is very important, recent research found American kids are more tend to give up (Susie). Also, toddlers (community) do not have watch, the teachers give toddlers plenty of time to make mistakes and learn. When she saw the infant feed her/himself, or pour milk, she know they are going to succeed in life. The library incident example (toddler want to touch the phone, the mom said if he does, she won’t bring him to library again, the librarian said she will fine him for $100). The lesson: be honest when we communicate with kids. Sarah: the kids knew the first 9 times (parents said) does not count. A parent learned from Mishra (no need to repeat, just remind we already said it).

Sarah: we make mistakes, just be honest and say sorry to kids (e.g., we shout at kids).

Another parent: the “salad” video (hope kids video, maybe put Serenity’s video on iPad so that we can watch more often).

Sarah also mentioned as the older toddler gets more leadership role and feel more confident in the class, it’s also a good preparation for her/him to go pre-school (that self-confidence will help them do well in the new environment).

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