Yoyo’s funny words, Spring Musical

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Yoyo likes to talk a lot, and this morning she said something quite funny: daddy, you should not drink coffee or alcohol anymore, because they won’t help you grow. You should drink some milk. Then she handed her milk bottle to me. Sometimes, she likes to use some big words like “even”, “actually”, we think she learned those from her teachers.

There are also frustrating times, like, she does not like to say “hello” or “good bye” to her teachers, friends and parents. And, sometimes she say words like “go away” to us.

Spring Musical
That’s something we did not expect, and it totally blew up away. I can not upload picture or videos for the obvious reason (it includes other kids). But the teachers did a wonderful job teaching all the kids, and to make it more impressive, the kids bow after they sing the songs.

Overall, we are very impressed with the growth of our daughter. Here is the circle game, the song sing by both the kids and parents at the end.

My thoughts on Power ball
Thought it’s funny. I got a small win on Power Ball last Saturday, I matched the PB only, the prize is $4. Because the cost of ticket is $2, so the return on investment is 100%

I read an Christian Science Monitor article which talked about the government increasing dependence on the lottery revenue, which for the society is not a good thing overall, because there is hidden cost of people got addicted to gambling. The increasing publicity arising from the larger win from Power Ball or Mega Million is one factor to draw more casual players (people who usually don’t play, like me). The CS Monitor article is here.


I read (or heard form NPR) that a blue collar worker bought $80 worth of tickets. I would think one of my extended family member had similar thinking, when operating in the domestic A share stock market. Basically they extrapolate from my example: so if $2 can make $2, $200 can make $200, etc.

This is a very naive and dangerous extrapolation (thinking). I hope fewer people go to that route.

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