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I’m back to Java world again, after about 2 years stint on Objective-C and iOS development. I’m not new to Java land, as I have done Java work between 2010 and 2011, for 2 years.

My personal learning experience:
JSF => Spring MVC (jspx is still very similar): I have done JSF, which is a component based Java web framework, we know Spring MVC is different: it’s based on REST, GET, POST, and mapping etc. Luckily I have done RESTful web services in my past work, and used those services from iOS side. Another new thing at client side is javascript, and jQuery, I recall I used Richfaces (extension of JSF) for the AJAX, they are not javascript though.

IBM web sphere/Rational application developer RAD, CVS => Spring STS, SVN, note both RAD/STS are based on Eclipse: for the application server, and development IDE, the transition is easier such they are very similar.

Ant (build.xml) => Maven (pom.xml): this is a big change, actually. Maven has some learning curve, also with the Nexus repository. My only past experience using Maven: use Netbeans to open the project (pom.xml file). I found the following two tutorials helpful.

Tutorial on Maven:


Spring MVC: using the Get Started Guide from the dashboard, or the link here.

Obviously, learn as much as possible from the work itself, from coworkers etc. The good thing is my current work place is one of the most collaborative places I’ve ever worked. This makes my life a bit easier 🙂

Repository, Nexus (Sonatype), JFrog Artifactory

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Comparison between Nexus and JFrog

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