Squirrel visited my car again, took Serenity to Post Office

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(Update 3-29-14) They came back again last night, as I saw some hay above the battery again in Sienna van. I talked to my neighbor yesterday evening, and his Lexus SUV got squirrel after I got it last time. It seems we still need to figure out something. Maybe they are used to moth balls now?

(Update 3-16-14) They came back one more time, on Friday/Saturday (March 14/15), I found out on Saturday morning. That’s the 3rd time they caused damage to my car (the check engine light is back on again). I am putting moth balls around battery now.

(Original 3-13-14) This time things got a bit worse, they tried to make a home under the hood (on the battery). I could not start the car. Had to call AAA for help. The AAA driver did a trick, he said my car was “flooded”, basically too much fuel in the engine as I was applying gas trying to start. I also talked to my neighbor as his SUV got bitted by the squirrel twice too. His solution is the moth ball. So I’m trying similar tactic shortly after I got the car back from dealer on Tuesday afternoon (Mar 11). While this incident is a bit unfortunate, my wife commented we are much more fortunate compared to the people who likely lost their lives in the MH370 incident.

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I also saw couple videos at Youtube. I also posted this at mitbbs.com

Post Office Visit
Last time I took Serenity to USPS, is probably a few years ago when she took the passport photo when she was 6 months old. Yesterday I took her again to post office, to send a book I bought from Amazon almost 13 years ago, and sold it on Amazon at almost the same price (Pragmatic Progmmer). Anyway, sometimes it’s difficult to get Serenity happily leaving school for home in the late afternoon. I usually waited. Lately I tried a few new things, like remind her after 5 minutes, like the USPS thing, etc. Just try to be innovative, and also be fair minded. I knew one occasion she really dislike leaving is when she worked on drawing/cutting paper.

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