Distracted parenting in smartphone age

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Saw quite a few articles on this topic lately. Basically parents focus their attention on their phone/tablet at dinner table, at fast food restaurant, etc., when they are supposed to talk to their kids. In some cases (fast food restaurant), it will increase the likely-hood of children misbehavior. We have all done that (I’ve done my share of it). Today, I saw this interesting behavior, my wife is asking Serenity to watch hand, while focusing her eye on iPad. I told her Serenity already washed her hand, or something like that. The thing is she was in the same room as Serenity, while I was in another room.

So, pay attention. Kids need attention.

Another way to ease parenting chores, is let kids watch TV or play with iPads. I’ve bought a screenful of iPad apps for Serenity. Good thing she did not play those all the time. She still like the traditional toys and goof around for the most part. Unless she wanted to drink milk (in bottle) and watch TV 🙂

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