I enjoyed the time spent driving Yoyo to/back from school

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She will ask a lot questions on the way to school, as the iPhone/iPad/work takes over my spare time these days, I did not get a lot quality time with Yoyo alone. Driving her to school and take her back to home provide good opportunities for communications. She will usually have a lot of questions on the way to school, probably because her mind is more active. She will ask questions on everything, e.g., cars, planet, plants, flowers, some of which I can not answer, and I will tell her to ask teachers. Sometimes she will say “grown ups don’t know everything, but teachers do”.

On the way to home, sometimes she will talk about things at school. Not always. Sometimes she will say “just sit there”. Obvious she was kidding, as I knew they do a lot things at school, and Serenity is busy most of the time. She will talk more sometimes before sleep.

Teach the right thing
Serenity likes to be the roles in the story these days. Here is what she usual says: I want to be everyone on this book except the one does not look nice. So today when she says this: I want to be everyone on this book because everyone is pretty. I was pleasantly surprised. Now I reflected a bit I know her teachers have told the kids the right thing 🙂

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