Got suspicious call from Chase Fraud Service

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The first time, call originated from this number 1 844 540 4033, the guy not even verified my name, and told my Southwest Air Credit Card is stolen, then started reading about those “fraudulent” charges. At the end, I asked the last 4 digits of my card number, that does not match; and I asked the first name, does not match, and so on. So I told him I would hang up and call Chase directly.

The second time, they are coming back with a similar message, with this call back number 1 800 955 9060.

This itself (the phone calls) appears more like fraud, I am thinking they are trying to get more information from me. To have a peace of mind, I did verified my credit report via (free for everyone, 3 reports for one year), and I could not find the card number mentioned by the suspicious caller.

Just trying to add some burden as we are having a baby girl lately. Those cheaters.

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