I like the driving with Serenity on board

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I continue to be Serenity’s weekend activity driver these days. I like spending time with her, esp. when she asked me questions when we go to COCA for her ballet class: it’s about 15 minutes one way, and it’s Sunday afternoon, so it’s not as busy.

These days she like to say something, usually some facts or something she recently learned, then ends with “right, daddy?”. Most of times she was right, and I would say yes to some not to critical/important questions anyway. I think from her perspective, she likes to get “ok” or some form of approval/agreement from grown-up like me.

It’s funny I recall she likes to chat during our KinderMusik at JCC Chesterfield (about 15 to 20 minutes drive) in the past. It’s usually better than 5 or 10 minutes drive in terms of the quality of conversation.

Kids grew up fast. I enjoyed talk to them esp. when I don’t have to discipline them. Those sweet talks, sometime before her bedtime.

One thing is besides the constant iPhone staring, we do have the memory in photos: for example Google Photo reminds me what we did a year ago with Serenity, at Beirne Park or something. And we have this blog. I know there is very few readers, but I do read it such as Serenity is 100 days old, etc. as Sophia is the new baby, she is 14.5 half months old now.

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