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Serenity got sick last few days. It’s a bit frustrating for us as she usually got sick once in the winter months (Jan to Feb, saw this post 1 year ago, and this post 2 years ago), I recall that happened more often last year. I got sick from time to time too, esp. in last few years (since 2008), some are minor headaches, some are “cannot stop coughing” due to infection, cold or something. But nothing major, I recall couple times things got real tense, e.g., once when Serenity was very little (infant), she got fever, and I took her to Mercy hospital for testing (X-ray) after visiting the pediatrician. Not to mention I was wondering around to find the outpatient lab, I was a bit scared when they put my little girl on the table for X-ray. Things turned out to be fine. For myself, I had a similar scare doing the CT-scan.

Sometimes, I think those minor illness is just God‘s way to tell us slow down, cleanse the body and make us healthy overall. This applies to me especially. As I usually continue to work even after getting sick. Or got sick due to overwork. Recall once at 10pm, I was still checking iPhone, something happened at work, I decided to open up the computer, fix the code, etc. etc. The second day I got sick. Shortly after that incident, I had to take off one afternoon to see my doctor to get some diagnosis, as my condition did not improve.

Also, when I started at a new place, I usually try not to take sick day. I recall one day last July, I got headache, and was very sleepy driving in. Had to take breaks from time to time. I was thinking if I could take a nap sometimes. After that incident, I decided to take it easy. Not more work when I got sick. I would either call in (email in) sick or work from home. It’s just not worth it to try to work when I’m sick. The qualify of work will suffer. Also, a related matter, I found usually after I work over time in the evening, the second day my work will suffer. I would just be a bit tired.

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