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The stock market has been in a roller coaster recently, amid corona virus scare. When the city of Wuhan was shut on Jan 23, the us market barely budged and it actually went up for a while. Then things changed on the us side. First is the outbreak in Korea and Italy: then followed by the mini outbreak in Washington state, California, New York and Boston. Suddenly this Monday the stock market dropped about 7%, note before Monday we have seen drop too. The market high was on feb 19. Overall though, since trump won election in November 2016, the market has been doing well. To be more precise, since March 2009 the market has been in bullish most of the time. Some hiccups in 2015 and 2019. For me personally this time is quite different from 2008, as I am older, and have 2 kids now. I made a lot of dumb investments mistakes until 2015, when I start to learn from past mistakes. I traded huntsman and Okta, Amex and Berkshire etc. I have alibaba, Berkshire, Disney, okra and zoom now. And many mutual funds in 401k. I think we should ride out this whole corona thing fine: if we are both cautious and courageous 🙂

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