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It seems things get shitty today. I know it’s coming on last Friday, as WFH and everything seems imminent. One thing though I dislike, is the organization I work for sent out WFH email on Sunday night. I did need to come in anyway as I know I need to onboard a new colleague. Recall last Thursday, I went to West County costco, and I saw a gentleman who pushed a cart with something, and answered to an aquantinee: I came because my wife said so. Today is different, at the Maplewood Sam’s Club around noon, I saw the food court is closed (was going to get the deluxe pizza and soda), some people (mostly African American) wear face masks including the lady in the entrance. The store was busy as it took a while and some intervention to get some help on the online order pickup. My wife wanted a freezer, but Sam’s Club is out of stock (it let me order online initially). Went to home depot, Best Buy and also checked Amazon it seems the decent size ones (5 cu ft or larger) are out. Then listened to the WH guy doing the briefing in the pm, and does not sound encouraging as the stock market had another big drop. Think eventually it will get under control, but right now the US is just trying to avoid be another Italy. Hope Spain and France can get it under control soon. And situation in Italy and Iran don’t get worse. China seems working very hard to control the incoming cases. Another crazy work begun.

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