DNC Convention, MUNY

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There is no relations between those two. It’s just last night I was watching MUNY the online show for a bit, then switched to the DNC online convention: the big ones are Bernie and Michelle’s speeches. The DNC speeches were available via Apple News (ABC), as well as Twitter (PBS, CBS etc).

I used to be political junkie. But over the years especially since 2008, I became more realistic on politicians and US politics. That is until the pandemic hits, and the hell broke loose. I don’t think much of the orange guy in the WH before this, and now it suddenly the incompetency of federal government suddenly made our kids back to school seems impossible. I know many politicians have shortcomings, for example, John Edwards. His “two America” words still resonated with me, but his action during his marriage (extra marital affair when his then wife was having recurring cancer) was callous. Now the 45 is worse, obviously. With 170k people died of Covid in the US and counting, he was still playing golf. Even after his brother died over the weekend. So there is that. I do think Dems will do better. At the same time check and balance is still very important.

Back to MUNY, Serenity asked my phone back when I was watching Bernie last night, on the minivan home from church parking lot (we were playing outdoors in the evenings when possible). She was more interested in the music. Although she watched Michelle’s speech when we got home too. I haven’t asked how she feels about it. She knows my political views. I hope one day she will vote. She did ask me about voting the other day.

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