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感觉这个市场还是有些泡沫的. EV 就不说了:昨天傍晚🌆的时候开车时我的七岁小女儿说看到一个Tesla. I was thinking buy a share of $TSLA just now, but I changed to $F instead [呲牙] || Separately I noticed NerdWallet the personal finance / credit card 💳 bonus website went public last week. I worked in the credit card rewards space in the past and I used to get some sign on bonus. But the credit card bonus is a bit like snake oil. But it cannot compare to ev, green, esg, climate action and space x etc.

Btw, some engineering blogs from NerdWallet that I like.

VersionAlchemy: Tracking row changes with SQLAlchemy (VersionAlchemy at GitHub; also the original SQLAlchemy website. Note the former is based on the latter.)

Building a product platform at NerdWallet – Part 1

Building a product platform at NerdWallet – Part 2

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