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My old daughter Serenity is a sweet girl. She is so sweet so that she doesn’t like competition. I get it I don’t like competition either but if I don’t compete I probably won’t be here. Lots of smart kids in my class of probably 40 in the village elementary school in China in late 70s/early 80s: only two attended college (I was one of the two). Another two attended technical / vacacional school, one became nurse, another eventually became entrepreneur and I heard he is quite successful.

Back to Serenity. She played basketballs in last few years, but again competition is not really her thing. I explained to coach that she is not afraid of competition, or game but it’s not really her nature. So here is the spelling bee competition, I asked her to participate, and she said she already did it when she was 4th grade. Anyway, she is 6th grader now, and I offered rewards for her participation, she said she only need to watch the “home economics” at Hulu (ABC 🙂

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