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The stock market continued its downward trend this past week, and on Friday, S&P 500 went down 20% from the beginning of the year, and it officially tested the bear market (20% down is a measurement of bear market). But, per other measures, such as Schiller PE, it’s 36 as of 04-01-2022 (may down a bit since then), and historically this PE is still quite high. Some people are expecting the giants such as Apple $APPL (I heard it’s 7% of S&P 500, and 13% of Nasdaq 100), and Microsoft $MSFT to fall, before the capitulation.

I don’t know. Predicting market is a fool’s game. Predicting individual stock’s near term performance is hard too. For Apple, in particular, it will experience some fall out from the manufacturing / logistics challenges in China (mainly around Shanghai zero covid extended lockdown), as well as weakened demand from Europe (war in Ukraine), China (again Covid policy and economy slowdown), and the US (rising gas price, and we saw the fallout from Target $TGT and Walmart $WMT earnings last week).

Apple Fitness+

I tried Apple Fitness+ the second time. As the old saying goes, second time is a charm. Plus this time I got Apple Music from the Apple One subscription as well. It works better for me when I tried “Time to Run”, and I picked the Charleston themed music and picture. I cancelled the Peloton sub recently, and I think I will likely stick to the Apple Fitness+: start with walk and run, and maybe expand to meditation and Yoga later on. Btw, talking about Yoga, I recall JCC (the J) will restart pool side Yoga on Saturday morning again: after 3 years due to pandemic in last 2 years.

Youtube Videos

I watched quite a bit of those last few weeks. Topic varies from Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meetings over the years, to travel or city vlogs, and other business / investing related topics as well. I listened to some old pop songs I listened when I was in college too (陳淑樺 Sarah Chen; 梁靜茹 Fish Leong): sometimes YouTube will reminds me try YouTube music if the same playlist is available there, and potentially it could save me some data if I am on the cell phone data plan.

老范讲故事: I like this channel. Interestingly enough: first time I saw his video, he was talking about why Coca-Cola is more popular than Pepsi Cola during Shanghai lockdown. He is former developer (Borland), development relationship, investor relations (Cheetah Mobile), and VC. He is about my age.

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