Morning random thoughts: job switching and 401k vesting

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(Update 06-19-2024 note today is Juneteeth Day) In last year or so I noticed my current employer also switched to the 4 year vesting schedule. That also means in theory I can retire from my current place if I only care about the 401k matching money vesting 🙂

(Original) First thoughts: regarding the recent #layoff news from #Meta (#Facebook, my wife has a former colleague being impacted yesterday). This remind me one thing from my own experience, for those folks who are on #OPT or #H1B, compensation/money is not as important as the #greenCard (GC) (#permanentResidency). Once you have the GC, sky is your limit 🙂 #majorsCareerTip #immigrants

401k Employer Match Vesting

Just did a #401k #employermatch #vesting schedule #spreadsheet and the “employer match” number below is “made up”. Personally I think both are okay, better than the companies that have a number of years for all or nothing, e.g., 3 years. || Of course another scenario is #jumpShip (aka switching jobs) to get a #raise. This may or may not work due to the economy (tech layoffs) and age (age discrimination is illegal in this country, but in reality it’s rampant. Just like #payInEquity or gender #payGap#personalfinancetips Below is two scenarios of vesting schedules, for the two places I work (or worked). From the employee point of view, the earlier vest schedules give more flexibility.

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