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群公告 history

Please email me at minjie dot xu at gmail dot com if you like to join

讨论美股个股为主(Latest update is at the bottom). 近年我个人比较成功的是OKTA:她家做identity cloud ☁️ (single sign on, security as a service etc). ZM没有拿稳比较可惜。I also long Berkshire Hathaway, Alibaba and GoodRx. Two disclaimers: 1) Your money 💰, your call (decision); 2) I am not big on macro trend / economics, neither am I big on market predictions: other than general things such as republicans are usually for less regulations, Democrats are for more tax / wealth distribution if you will.

(Update as of 12-28-2020: I sold off GDRX recently and I sold some $BABA today and last Thursday. I plan to sell remaining $BABA in the near future)

(Update 01-08-2021: 股市有泡沫,投机需谨慎).

(Update 11-01-2021: top 6 stock holdings in all my accounts are (in the order of most money => least): brk.b, sbux, ko, hun, SLB and DVN. The last 3 are chemicals, oil services and oil / gas producer. I believe we have at least 10 to 20 more years of internal combustion engines cars / trucks, and many many more years usage of chemicals (thinking painting, building materials etc.), plastics etc). ||

(Update 01-22-2022) The US stock market 📉 is entering the correction mode, as we have seen from last week. Be careful out there and pay attention to the cash management. Personally I try to keep 10% to 15% in cash in my account: everyone can pick a ratio that’s comfortable to her / him. Buckle up and we will see the other end soon or later.

(Update 03-01-2023) not much has changed, except the inflation and the Fed. Big tech/saas/cloud players mostly entered into a plateau after the recent spectacular run/crash, $ZM is a good example. But in longer term, i agree with Warren Buffett said: the America’s best day us still ahead and the growth of this country is the best tail wind for the stock market. This was true in the past 🐻 markets (personally I recall 2000-2002, 2007-2009), and will be applicable today as well.

PS: 05-17-2023 I did not post those in the WeChat group. I looked at my performance in the last 2 years. My biggest gainer is the $BRK.B. And I think I need to find revenue or gain outside of $BRK.B and other Berkshire Hathaway holdings: e.g., $AVTI, $AAPL etc.

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