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Years ago when I think of AI, I only think about the autonomous driving (driverless car or self driving car). The tech behind it is so called “deep learning“, and it’s a part of Artificial Intelligence. Now it’s all the Chatgpt and Generative AI, or in Chinese tech community, AIGC (AIG generated content) is on the rage.

Is it AI or just computer vs human? I recall I could not beat the computer on (I believe it’ just the computer algorithm behind it, there is no machine learning behind the scene) easily. Note I am not a very good chess player. But I recall Google has this AlphaZero and it beats chess world-champion. The latter probably has some artificial intelligence and some machine learning capability.

Apple’s approach

(CNBC) Apple’s practical approach to A.I.: No bragging, just features

Personally I like Apple’s way of roll out AI as time goes approach. For Apple: over the years I noticed iPhone in particular would guess where I want to go, I think it probably looked at my calendar and the usage of map app. Also I like the “featured photo” and “memories” feature on the iPhone photos app very much. The other day I saw the feature photo on my iPhone was my old daughter 1st school day picture. I know Facebook and Google photos can probably do that too. But for Facebook I think I would need to upload the photo that day. Not sure about Google, because I used Android at most for 1 year or 2, among my last 13 years use of smartphone.

Apple rarely rolls out things or features when they are not ready. I recall the rumor (a while ago especially) there was talk of Apple Car. But till today there is no Apple Car been seen in the real world, which is quite different from Tesla, Alphabet (Google) Waymo and Cruise (GM).

Impact on other people’s livelihood

The main worry in addition to invasion or erosion of privacy, is the AI could potentially take over people’s jobs. One area is in the creative arena, artists, writers etc. Below is a real story.

An artist explains why Marvel’s use of AI to animate a sequence is worrying : NPR

Also ethic issues such as faking (pretend as) other people, and we saw some of that as well: It takes a few dollars and 8 minutes to create a deepfake. And that’s only the start

I related question I have: how many of the Twitter Chinese porn video are made by AI, those #pigButcher style of videos. Also this one made by AI

Again, Google, Microsoft, and Meta can’t stop talking about A.I. — here’s why Apple rarely mentions it.

Tech leaders mention AI almost 170 times during earnings calls: report (you can do a google search on it if you are curious, I am not lying).

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