Toyota Camry LDA feature work around, Sienna gas cap and driver side sliding door, and Herman Miller Aeron chair mesh and jeans

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Sorry for the long subject or title for this blog post. Next time I will try to be more concise 🙂

I just found a way to turn off the Lane Departure Alert feature on my 2020 Camry, thanks to famous mechanic and YouTuber Scott Kilmer: refer to his video “3 New Vehicles You Should Buy” at the 8’50” mark. The work around is turn on the left turn signal. This is handy when I had to dodge (or make room) for the bike that is on the right side of the road: in a two lane situation. But another thing to keep in mind, this is almost like passing a vehicle in a two lane road, and we need to make sure we don’t collide with the incoming traffic. I recall once near the Yellow Stone north exit, I got into this scary situation.

Over last week or two I realized that the driver side sliding door no longer open, even in the manual mode. I vaguely recall in the past, if I cannot open automatically, the manual mode usually still works. And this time it seems there is a block there. I looked around the YouTube, and found axllebeer has a video Toyota Sienna 2014 driver side sliding door malfunctioning. Incidentally a while ago I was thinking about how to fix the gap cap hinge. And there was a YouTube video on how to fix it too.

Also, remember a few month ago I bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair (used). And now I realized I had an issue with the jeans. Googled it and it seems people were talking about it on Reddit.

All 3 above are fairly simple one cause – one issue type of problem.

Last but not least, I did the larger maintenance item for Sienna at the 125 k mark recently: oil change, coolant and transmission fluid change, engine spark plugs, tire 🛞 rotation and a minor cable repair (rodent or squirrel 🐿️ caused). Regarding the oil change (change at every 5 k or 10 k miles), and transmission fluid, I slowly converted into the “TheCarCareNut” and Mr. Kilmer’s camp: that is change oil at every 5 k, also change the transmission fluid when applicable. There is no life time transmission fluid (there was a joking comment under Mr. Kilmer’s video).

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