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Yesterday (11-24-2023) was Black Friday, and I think I haven’t done shopping on BF for a while. Until this year. We did a bit BF shopping, mainly for our 13 year old as she was interested. She seems know some of the deals including the Bose bluetooth headset (Costco has $120 off deal).

I didn’t buy the Hydro Flask water bottle yesterday. I bought one a few weeks ago, the wide mouth version.

Year 2017

It’s not the 1st time I bought Hydro Flask. I bought a few HF bottles and a coffee cup a few years ago (2017). And below are my stories.

Year 2018

Once my Hydro Flask water bottle leaked, and damaged my old MacBook Pro. I had to go to Apple store West County to get it fixed.

Year 2019

Once I lost my blue Hydro Flask at Denver shopping mall: I went back and asked around but could not locate it.

Year 2023

This time my 13 year old broke the iPhone XR screen (due to Hydro Flask?)

My new Hydro Flask: see the above, the wide mouth version. My 13 year old took that one sometimes too 🙂

Stanley bottle: heard this is the popular one in th middle school.

Overall I think we have too many water bottles and cups overall: my 9 year old have quite a few.

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