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Old blog post back in year 2006, I believe I wrote it 2 days after meeting my wife. We didn’t meet at Starbucks though, we met at a tea place at the Zhongshan Park and later was changed to a bank. I used to drink a lot more Starbucks and I recall about 10 years ago, sometimes I brought my old daughter to Starbucks in St. Louis. Around holiday season they have the hot chocolate ☕️ for kids, I vaguely recall it was $1.75 for a small kid cup. Once at the Craig/Olive road store: a lady commented “start that young? We live in a wonderful life.”

Now being a teenager and probably inherited the sugar tooth from me, she likes the Starbucks a lot. So are many of her friends. Sometimes when I go there to get food or drinks for my kids, at the Lindbergh and Clayton road store, I usually see some middle school and high school kids. And this morning I got my own cup too: the holiday special, chestnut pralines latte (the cup I got this morning is shown at the top of the blog post).

(12-05-2023) I bought some $SBUX stocks.

(12-07-2023) Yesterday I heard the store at Lindbergh and Clayton was closed temporally. Today I learned that the reason was a customer used insulting words to the barista, and barista was not happy, probably threw some words back (again this is just what I heard). Later the management suspended two workers involved in this. The store is a unionized store, all the union workers started striking to protest. Separately, I read in the news quite some people (and in different countries) protested against Starbucks due to the Gaza situation. So in other words, I understand the holiday drinks are luxury compared to people in Gaza get clean water and so on, but at the same time, maybe some barista depends on the income from Starbucks for food and milk too?

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