Snow days, school bus and school lunch

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We had 2 snow days right out of the gate this month, once because it was extremely cold (1/16 Tuesday), another time it was due to the freezing rain and black ice on the road. Basically the road become a skating rink (1/22 Monday).

The green firetruck hit the blue car (nobody inside), barely missed the house, fortunately no one got hurt

Both my kids loved snow days. In the process I also learned the typical Americans’ ritual to get snow days: such as “Wear your pajamas inside out.” On serious note, black ice (ice on the concrete or asphalt) is dangerous both for the cars and the pedestrians. I have 1st hand experience on both. Once my minivan was spinning like the firetruck above at the Briarcliff club house parking lot. Another couple times I was walking like a duck crossing the Olive road, or walking near Olive and Spoede road.

School buses and the drivers for school buses would encounter the same issue. And the teachers and staff too. Plus the parents (guardians) drive or walk kids to school. This is a no win situation in terms of going to school. And we can always learn or have school on a normal day.

School lunch

Last 2 weeks, my old daughter got hurt during tennis clinics (group class). And I sent her to places to make sure she is okay. Once I bought her Chick fil a on the way back from provider to school around lunch time. She liked that. I think the school lunch is probably not as good or flavorful as the chick fil a sandwich.

My younger daughter does bring lunch to school on Fridays. So yesterday morning at the bus stop, right before the bus coming, she said: I forgot to bring the lunch. I said: I can either do carpool to drop you off, or I can drop you off at the next bus stop that your friends will also be there. We did the latter.

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