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I am teaching a database course this semester at a local university. It seems install MySQL on Windows is not very straightforward. Something I didn’t realize as personally I am on the Mac for a while.

I looked around and summarized the following choices.

  1. Local MySQL vs online databases – Top 9 free online databases  

2) Other: Univ of Arkansas (I have not verified) – “Instructions on how to use web-based free-hosted” – from Instructor Resources

3) AWS – RDS

Please be aware of the potential cost! Similar for Azure and GCP. Setup alert or monitor so that we don’t get surprised.

Or Google cloud (again a sample cost alert)

Similar for Azure

Rule of thumb: when you give the credit card information to a public cloud provider, always set a budget, and a cost alert. Because we don’t want any surprises in the bills.

Personally if I am the person who is in charge of a company’s cloud bill, for both dev (experiment) and production. I will be like Cory Quinn.

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