Did you notice that Warren Buffett bought and sold some home builder stocks recently

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Not too long ago, I noticed Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Loads Up On 3 Homebuilders.

And recently, I noticed he sold all of the DR Horton stocks. I am thinking of one reason is their built home quality. See below.

I saw a bunch of videos on YT after watching the original YouTube video. See below. There are similar quality complaints videos on other builders too. I guess because $DHI is the national biggest builder (in terms of revenue or number of homes being built): it’s not too surprising they have the most complaints (just looking statistically).

But, I also noticed Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway seems kept the other home builder stock, $NVR (yahoo Finance, company website). I do understand NVR is much smaller than DR Horton. But I also noticed their share price, which is $7390.65 as of today (or the closing price of 02-16-2024). Sounds more like a reputation first kind of company, just like $BRK itself (Why Doesn’t Warren Buffett Split Berkshire Hathaway Stock?).

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