Is Pickleball a bubble?

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An email from CCRC, which my daughters play tennis (tennis clinics), unfortunately I am too OLD 🙂

Or in bubble territory. Personally I think so. I think this is a bit like the AI right now.

I think compared to tennis, pickleball is more social (for social interactions, chatting), but less sports. Once a friend joked pickleball is not a sports – which my 13 year old disagrees, note she is in the “inclusive” generation (or “woke”, LOL, if I may).

Looking back

A few years ago, 5 or 6 years ago, I only saw people playing pickleball at the J Creve Coeur indoor Gym on Saturday morning. Now we can see people playing pickleball everywhere; from outdoor parks (des peres park for one), to many community centers (Olivette, Overland).

Recently I heard a few of my friends playing including my boss who is a pro, btw; also heard tennis playing population is in decline, while the pickleball is picking up the steam. He actually took a few of us to CCRC new pickleball court and showed us the basics of pickleball, stay in the “kitchen” and all. Also the John brothers.

Lebron James bought a team. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are also playing. Also on Agassi –

‘It’s added to my life on so many levels’: Andre Agassi uncovers new passion with pickleball
“I didn’t even know the rules,” the 53-year-old Agassi said. Or if he would stick with it. But when his kids invited him to play, he joined in. He soon was hooked.

People are building new pickleball court everywhere (outdoor, indoor; club or business).

Also note the controversy: neighborhood complaints of pickleball noise? And some remedies.

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