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First, some background: I missed a few checks from Delta Dental of Missouri and a mortgage company in last few years. I was able to remediate the issues later. First I located the unclaimed checks (years later), then I called Delta Dental and they issues new checks to me. In the case of unclaimed check from mortgage company, I notice the letter of “unclaimed property” from Cenlar – Central Loan and Administration Reporting recently, and filed claim online. Mainly they were asking: do you want the money or not, it not we are going to turn over the money to the goverment “unclaimed property” account. This time I immediately filled out the form, took a picture and emailed the form to the given email address. A few weeks later, the new check arrived (probably the original check was in year 2021 🙂

Again tips: don’t throw away the mails from Delta Dental and Cenlar, especially their checks 🙂

Then yesterday, the bottom fell out. I realized that I made the dumb mistakes managing my mails again. Last night I opened a mail from the school district: I was almost a month late opening it. It was for my daughter’s NJHS invitations. I need to do better – I improved a bit recently but there’s still room for improvement.

I forgot to open the mail from school district promptly, similar to my earlier mistakes on Delta Dental and Mortgage escrow account check mails

I was trying to sell things on eBay recently to address both my cluttering and hoarding issue, trying to declutter and make life simpler, and hopefully enjoyable. At the same time I really need to start from the very basics, e.g., address the mail issue first, and make sure my working desk is clean, and so on.


A related issue is procrastination, and I recall a great Ted Talk on this topic, ironically 1st learned about it from my 13 year old.

Dress for success etc.

A related topic is dress for success (this is for everyone, man, woman, LGBTQ+, everyone really: this used to more important if we talk about work in an office environment. Personal hygiene, your posture, your body language and grasp of English and so on. But we still need to pay attention if we go to Zoom, turn on video, make sure we are professional. There is extreme example, such as the one below.

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