Available on the iTunes App store.

available in the app store

To Market ~ farmers market around St. Louis

1. Facebook photo uploading and sharing: as of now the photo will be uploaded to an album named “To Market photos” on user’s page, and the user needs to explicitly approve the photo before the friends can see (it’s in pending stage before approval, similar to the blog comments in many systems).


Revision history

v 1.2.2: Add “take picture” feature in Upload Image screen; scale the picture properly before uploading; clear Facebook session after log out; fixed a crash after the user register and upload a photo; allow only alphanumeric for user name; the user will see the photos uploaded by others; the app runs on iOS 6.1 or higher (this is the same as v 1.2.1)

v 1.2.1: supports iOS 7; added photo sharing via Facebook, photo uploading and viewing; the app runs on iOS 6.1 or later

v 1.2 turn off GPS when the app is in background

v 1.1 added crash report (took out in v 1.2)

v 1.0 May 2013 released, supports iOS 5.0 or later

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