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myNestEgg v 1.3 released

This is to fix a show stopper problem in v 1.2, as pointed out by one of the users. The problem happened after a user used the keyboard to input data (dismiss the keyboard by tap background), the app will add a comma to “beginning savings” and “salary”. This causes confusion and mis-calculation down the road.

The problem is fixed now in v 1.3. The user needs to update the app to get the fix. In some cases you may need to re-enter the “beginning savings” and “salary” if those numbers are no longer correct in the app. Please let me know if you have any problem.

I am sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused, and wish all a good holiday.

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myNestEgg 1.2 released

Known problem in version 1.2
(11-21-2010) I received a user bug report this morning: the calculation results is not right due to the extra comma separator in “beginning savings” and “salary”. I fixed the problem this afternoon and submitted the binary (version 1.3) to App store. Stay tuned.


What’s New in Version 1.2
1) Add new icons for the tab bars (the 3 bars at the bottom);

2) Add “shake” function to “Settings” tab bar. When at “Settings” tab, if the user shakes the phone gently, the rates will reset to default values: 7% annual investment return, 2% annual inflation. Note the user still needs to tap “Set Rates” button to make the rates take effect.

3) Fix the minor problem where the inflation rate picker moves when the user switches to the “settings tab”. Note this behavior has not affected calculation results.

I just found a bug shortly after the release. If someone reports the problem to me, he/she will have the opportunity to win the $25 Amazon gift card.

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collegeFund free for now at iTunes App store plus more

(Update Dec 16, 2010) Free again for limited time (until Dec 25).

What is it?
collegeFund is a college savings calculator iOS app (iOS 3.1.2 or later) I released a while ago (Oct. 5 to be precise). Link to iTunes App store here. For a limited time (this annual benefits enrollment and holiday season), I am making the v 1.0 app for free. I will end the promotion as soon as the v 1.1 approves.


Why free?
I am out of mind 🙂 Actually I thought about this before the release. Over the years I came to believe college education is a prerequisite for many things in life: the college experience, the knowledge learned and friendship formed in college, last but not least, the skill of “how to learn on one’s own” and a path to entry level job. For me and my wife this is not possible without the sacrifice of our parents. This March our baby daughter was born, and we enrolled in a college saving plan for her shortly. We are just trying to repeat what our parents did for us.

In the same spirit, we would like share this little app with all the hard working parents.

Is it really free? Am I ask anything in return?
Yes. If you are happy with the app, you can help me out by

1) send me feedback, including write reviews on iTunes store, good reviews only 🙂 ; send me unpleasant reviews by email (uudaddy no spam AT gmail DOT com).

2) I do have a paid app, myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator at App store. So if you have an extra dollar(s), you can buy or gift this little app during holidays 🙂

What if you already paid for the app?
First I want to say “thank you”. I can either refund you the 99 cents, or give you the myNestEgg app.

What if you already bought myNestEgg too? We are not entering an infinite loop here, let me know and I will send you something, for your patronage.