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iOS app plans for year 2011

It’s that time of the year again, the time for new year’s resolution and planning. The past year has brought interesting addition to our family: our baby girl “Youyou”. On business (or iOS app) side, I joined the iPhone (iOS) developer program in July (paid the $99 annual fee), and released the first app myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator in middle Sept. The second app collegeFund ~ college savings calculator shortly followed. The results exceeded my expectation, as I released a few updates to fix the problems/add features. Meanwhile, I went to the Voice That Matters – iPhone developer conference (Philadelphia) in Mid Oct. Meeting iPhone developers and learning new things are the main take aways there.

For the new year, I am thinking of two things: 1) Continue to improve the existing apps; 2) Work on an iPad version of retirement savings planner. I don’t have a definite timeline yet, as I still have a day job, but I hope to release the iPad app before the iPad 2 arrives.

iPhone app

Why I created myNestEgg retirement calculator app?

More Q&A about myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator app

1. Why do you create yet another retirement calculator app?
I understand there are quite a few retirement calculators in the App store. Some are free, others are not free. MyNestEgg belongs to the latter category. My goal here, as I said the the product description, is to provide a simple and easy to use to calculator retirement savings/income. It shows the “saving progress” and “income ratio” which combined give the user an idea about where she/he is in terms of saving, and what income level to expect when she/he retires. Also the input data is saved on your iPhone, so as the user runs this app from time to time, she/he can get an idea about how the retirement savings account does over the time (so that she/he can act accordingly).

2. Does it support language other than English?
The app use English only at this time. However, as I explained in the support page, the user can adjust the “regional format” to get the local currency.

3. I don’t have iPhone, so…
The app can be run on iOS 3.1.2 or later powered devices, which includes iPod Touch and iPad besides iPhone.

I saw some useful web based calculator, such as this one created by FINRA. One limitation is they don’t save the data, so you may want to write down the results (or better yet save to Google Docs) after doing calculation.

Also, I am consider porting (creating) the app for Android, if there are enough interest to justify my effort.