For DiscoverSTL ~ kids educational activities related questions, you can email us at minjie dot xu at gmail dot com; or @uudaddy. The app itself is quite self explanatory. Here is the link to iTunes App store.

Please note we don’t collect any personal information in this app. Nor do we share any information with other 3rd parties. Again please feel free to contact us at the email I listed above.

Some Background
I started working on the app, thinking it might help fellow parents find some interesting activities for their growing kids. Since I had my daughter in 2010, ever since she grew into toddler, we (my wife and I) are trying to find some activities that will suit her. Obviously this starts with daycare. Then comes Kindermusik since she was 2 and half. When she was 3 and half, we introduced her to gymnastics, looking back we were a bit too ambitious on that front, and it did not work out as well as we liked, due to many reasons. So we will rethink what she will do again this fall. In the app I pretty much put together the list of places we went or my daughter’s friends went (and their parents talked about it). I will certainly revise the list, and possibly add the preschool/daycare section soon.

Other interesting articles about raising kids in St. Louis
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50 Things To Do With Kids In St. Louis Before (Or Even After) They Grow Up: I saw this article a while back, and could not find it for a while. Now I found it again. Anyway this is an un-orthodox list of interesting places for kids. Since I have a daughter who is almost 4 years old, I am ready to visit some of the places with her.

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