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(Updated May 2011) “古人云,人不自信谁人信之.” Others won’t believe in you unless you believe yourself. –Chinese proverb

Hello, world 🙂 I am not another expert. I am an ordinary guy who believes: by lifetime learning, hard and independent work and discipline, little guys can achieve their dreams, too.

I grew up in China. Currently I am working on iOS (iPhone/iPad) app development. Here I’m also blogging about iOS app/software development, business, personal finance, and other fun stuffs in life. You can leave comment here or Email me: if you wish to remain private.

Tip: you can always hit “home” or type to get back to the home page.

Search: please refer to the “search this site” page, as this is a bit complicated.

Related post: I added “related post” functions to this blog today. Basically it will show “related posts” at the end of each article if you go to each post (by clicking on the title). Hopefully this will make navigation of this blog a bit easier. Now we have search on the side bar (search by word, search by Google), and this related post thing. I also added “save to” button at the bottom of each post.

(5-28-2011) Converted Ultimate Tag Warriror to WordPress tag, by importing and enable tag cloud in side bar. More information on U can be read here.

(April, 2011) Upgrade to WordPress 3.1.2, the only thing not working is Ultimate Tag Warrior.

(12-12-2009) Added my twitter widget. The Google Conversation Elements were removed earlier due to lack of interest. Note “Share This” Button at the end of each post has the buttons for Twitter, Facebook etc. Enjoy!

Added Google Conversation Elements.(May 30, 2009): this is to facilitate interesting and intelligent discussions on things. Enjoy!

Used compact archive (May 30, 2009): link to plugin.

Added “Share This” button (May 22, 2009): this is for bookmark and sharing with your friends. Try it out 🙂

Switch to a three column theme (simplicity), this allows for more room for side bars. (Dec 2007)

Tanslation: I added a language tool at the right side bar. You can click on the flag to get an instant translation of this blog. This is not perfect and sometimes it does not work because of server problem. But at least you can get a glimpse of what I’m talking about. (May 20, 2007)

My view on stocks: Information is provided ‘as is’ and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. (Mar 15, 2007)

Pictures: some of the pictures (those hosted on flickr and yupoo) are clickable. You can see a bigger picture if you click on it. (Mar 12, 2007)

Subscription: besides point your web browser to, you can also use “Add to My Yahoo”, subscribe to “feedburner” or “newsgator” to get the latest post. Pick your favorite way to get the blog: type in web address and check if there is anything new (the so called “pull” method); or the RSS subscription (so called “push” method, the new post is pushed to your web page automatically). (sometime in 2006)

Dec 2005, initial release.

(Original Dec 2005) Hello, world. I am not another stock expert. I am an ordinary guy who believes that: by learning and disciplined investing little guy can beat many “experts”.

At STLPlace, we believe in independent research and value investing. We don’t blindly chase hot stocks, we don’t follow Jim Cramer, and we don’t catch falling knives…

I grew up in China and have been in the US since Fall 1997. Here I’m blogging about business, finance, stocks, other fun stuffs in the US and China.

This is a place I’m sharing my thoughts. Please don’t take this as a stock tip and run with it. One selfish reason for this blog is to organize my thoughts and actions on stocks, and be a better investor along the way. Hopefully you can also benefit from this process: the result matters, but more importantly is how we get there, so that we can repeat the success.

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