Moving wordpress from shared host to aws ec2

Reading Time: 2 minutes I did an experiment recently trying to move my wordpress website from a shared hosting site to Amazon aws ec2 micro instance (t1). The migration was mostly successful, I did not make the move eventually due to some technical and non-technical reasons. Nonetheless, I would like to share some of the lesson I learned from… Continue reading Moving wordpress from shared host to aws ec2

Added tags

Reading Time: < 1 minute I added the “tags” for this blog. There are two places you can see the “tags”: under the time in each post; the right side bar (under “tags”). So what is “tag” exactly? Using non-technical terms, tags is like “key words”. “Tag” helps organize and search the blogs. To use it, you just simply click on the “tag”, and… Continue reading Added tags

Get started 使用说明

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Updated May 2011) “古人云,人不自信谁人信之.” Others won’t believe in you unless you believe yourself. –Chinese proverb Hello, world 🙂 I am not another expert. I am an ordinary guy who believes: by lifetime learning, hard and independent work and discipline, little guys can achieve their dreams, too. I grew up in China. Currently I am working… Continue reading Get started 使用说明