Major’s list in 2005

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Best Chinese TV-series (soup opera): Dong Shi Mu Bei Dong Gan Qing (Anything but your feeling)

Most Spectacular View: Grand Canyon (Arizona, US)

Most Scenic View: Jiu Zhai Gou (Si Chuan, China)

Best Chinese Restraunant (tie): Asiana (St. Louis); New Age Veggie 新素代 at Shanghai SuperBrandMall正大广场

Best Bread: St. Louis (Panera) Bread Company

Best Espresso: Borders (not Star Bucks)

Best Fast Food: Fazoli’s (an Italian Fast Food restraunt)

Most proud thing: realized I can only be myself, not Bill Gates, or William Ding Lei (CEO of Netease)

Most stupid thing I did (tie): roller blading in Stacy park without checking out the road condition; bet on Netease’s 2005 Q4 earning

Best place to study: Borders (a chained book store in the US)

Most visited web site:

Best user interface: Google web site and tools