Why I like Brazil

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Because they make the game look easy. When I saw No. 8 Kaka took the ball, not in a hurry, hit it with ease and confidence, I know it’s going to be a goal because he hit a curved ball (using baseball terms). Of course we can not forget Ronaldeno’s smile no matter the game is tight or not.

I appreciate Australia and Korea’s efforts too, because they both had historical win today. For Australia, first win in world cup; for Korea, first win outside their home country in world cup. Both come from behind.

Of course nothing is complete without US and China these days. Team USA played a so-so game yesterday, although God knows how many people back home care about the world cup, it was a loss caused by “lack of energy”. As to my national team, they can not even make it to the world cup. I remember they did go to world cup 4 years ago, with a record of “zero goal” in 3 games.

I think in a way this reflects the real life well. We all dream to be Brazil in our work or life: winning with style. If that’s too hard, how about be Australia or Korea: winning with the dog fight style. If that is not possible, let us at least pass the qualifiers and attend the world cup, like USA. If all options are off, we can just sit at home, just like the Chinese national team.

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