Working with gurus

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From time to time I had the oppertunity to work with gurus, I mean, the expert, or the genius in the field. I think I enjoyed my time spent with them from time to time. Although I had to admit those days were not easy 🙁

In the second year of my graduate school, I took a course from a very well known professor (known for his toughness). He will assign homework as he lectures. Because at that time my English and course knowledge were not very good, I had to pay close attention to his lecture so that I won’t misunderstand the homework. His homework is not easy, to say the least. First I had to spend time to figure out the questions being asked. I think I went to his office almost every time. Besides understanding his problem, the solution is not straightforward either. I remembered sometime I had to work on the solutions until his class begins (which is the deadline for the homework). The most scary part is his test: stuffed with questions with long answers, lots of math. I remember I got a 30s score in the first test, partly due to my misunderstanding of the question: I started working on it before fully understand the question because of time constraint. To my surprise, one of my classmate, who got my help for almost every assignment, got a better score. But I worked hard. At the end of semester I did got “A” for that class. I think my attitude (not my score) impressed the professor.

In the same semester I also had an oppertunity to work with another guru for research. This was the beginning of my graduate research. We had a few short deadlines to meet. I worked hard during that time, sometimes sleep in the office, to make the computation results available before each group meeting, during which the guru will take a quick look, determines what makes sense, what does not, and giving a few encouraging words. I admired both his technical and business skills.

Nowadays in my work place I also meet gurus from time to time, sometimes even work with them. It is always a pleasure to work with gurus, because they know the stuff and can explain difficult things in simple terms. They are also inspirational most times.

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