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Reading Time: 6 minutes The past weekend (04/01/23) was also the deadline for the US college admissions. I think some refer that as Regular Decision or RD, which is corresponding to the regular application/admission time and I assume most kids get admission via the regular admission (not Early Action or Early Decision, EA or ED, scroll all the way

April 8, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 01-20-2023) #Google to lay off 12,000 people — read the memo CEO Sundar Pichai sent to staff and noted Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s comments on layoff. (Update 01-06-2023, posted at my linkedIn as well): The writing is on the wall for many tech companies regarding recent (or upcoming #layoffs). So please don’t get caught

November 11, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes I bumped into a youtube talk on Lin Biao (who was the No. 2 between 1966 and 1971, at least figuatively, behind Mao Ze’dong in PRC. See wiki: this English wiki has information regarding his death aka the 9.13 incident as well). The talk was given by Professor Gao Hua (who passed away about 10

February 5, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute I listened to or watched a few interesting youtube video and or twitter space recently. The most significant one is the “storytelling”, I believe this is probably as important as “compounding effect” in investing and life time learning. Below is the youtube video, how to speak, by Prof Patrick Winston of MIT Twitter Space (how

January 22, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a little over last year or so, I was involved in many technical interviews, and sometimes hiring decisions (one vote only, but a No vote is usually a No for the candidate). This is quite different from normal technical contributor’s job. But I learn something from this process too. I think overall I had

December 10, 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes We are at unprecedented times, in terms of the pandemic, and the economy aftermath. The IT software dev job market is not impacted as much as some of the hard hit ones such as. travel and leisure, but nobody is also insulated when there is a typhoon. For example, locally here in St. Louis, Enterprise

May 4, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have my first experience of working from home amid financial crisis in Nov 2008. I started a new job with Autodesk consulting division at the time, after working for my previous employer for 8+ years. My intention is to get more customer engagement experience, and also if I stayed, I would probably stay for

March 20, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s new year again, and obligatory new year resolution time. I think I’m already past that practice: will try to put down iPhone and Macbook more when I’m at home though (I was referring to this comment on 2014 review: Leave the iDevices/mac if I can). I’ve eaten my own words on this one. My

January 1, 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes I took this cue from Kurby Turner, the independent Mac/iOS developer, as I think it might be helpful to reflect a year’s work, life, effort, etc. As the old Chinese saying goes “Ji Wang Kai Lai” (learn from past, and look forward to the future). New job: Software Development Today is my one year anniversary

January 2, 2013

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s Christmas eve 2010. Baby already fell asleep. Wife is tweaking her new Toshiba R705 laptop, and I was reading some Navigation controller stuff while watching TV (PBS Christmas program, KMOV news). This year is obviously one of the most significant years in my 13 years stay in this country. In early March, we got

December 26, 2010
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