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I added the “tags” for this blog. There are two places you can see the “tags”: under the time in each post; the right side bar (under “tags”). So what is “tag” exactly? Using non-technical terms, tags is like “key words”. “Tag” helps organize and search the blogs.

To use it, you just simply click on the “tag”, and it will show the related articles which contains that “tag”. The “tags” cloud map in the right side bar ranks the popularity of each tag by the size of “tag”. The larger the font, the more popular it is.  

If you are really curious about how to make this work in WordPress blog, here is the link for “Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in”.

Believe it or not, although “Google search” is so good, in lots of cases the “tags” created by human beings are much better in organizing and searching blogs. I am also including the definitions for “tags” from the blog search engine Technorati here. 

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