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There are lots of rankings among B-schools. But I think the best B-school in the world nowadays is China. This seems biased because I am from China. OK how about I say India? 

Seriously, here are my reasonings: China is at its first stage of captalism. As I said in my previous post “is China imitating the US too closely?” China is learning from the west in many ways: from consumer goods to infrustructure (highways, 3G), from banking system to stock market, from Merge & Acquisition to branding & distribution, from automobiles to real estate, REIT, etc.  


(Picture taken at SunIslandClub in Shanghai suburban Qingpu.)

At the same time, China has created some new economy models, such as “Wenzhou Model”, and successful companies such as Baidu, Huawei, etc. In other words, China is not simply “copying everything from west to China”. There is some innovation (although not too much so far) involved.

So we are seeing east meeting west here, Chery meets VW and GM, Huawei meets Cisco, Baidu meets Google, Ctrip meets Expedia,…if you really want to learn business as a practioner point of view, China has more changes and actions than the developed countries. In the US you may take what you see as it is (without asking why), while in China you will see so many changes and your problem is really focus on one area and ask “why”. We all know we don’t learn too much if we don’t ask “why”.

So, guys in Harvard, or Wharton, pack up and come to Shanghai, or Wenzhou. Because you may learn much more from the a small business owner in Wenzhou from your professor in school 🙂

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