Harvard Square

Reading Time: 2 minutes Went to Harvard Square this evening, took some pictures (the quality is not as great as I liked, but you know it’s Harvard). (Harvard Theater) (Harvard Square, Sumner’s statue)

Going to Boston today

Reading Time: < 1 minute That would be exciting thing 10 years back, when I was still a college junkie. It still will be interesting, at least I plan to visit Harvard Square, where Paul Allen met with Bill Gates (in 1976?) and said: “We got to start this (computer business), this thing (computer revolution) is happening without us.” We… Continue reading Going to Boston today

The Best Business School

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are lots of rankings among B-schools. But I think the best B-school in the world nowadays is China. This seems biased because I am from China. OK how about I say India?  Seriously, here are my reasonings: China is at its first stage of captalism. As I said in my previous post “is China imitating the US too closely?” China is… Continue reading The Best Business School