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The Best Business School

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There are lots of rankings among B-schools. But I think the best B-school in the world nowadays is China. This seems biased because I am from China. OK how about I say India? 

Seriously, here are my reasonings: China is at its first stage of captalism. As I said in my previous post “is China imitating the US too closely?” China is learning from the west in many ways: from consumer goods to infrustructure (highways, 3G), from banking system to stock market, from Merge & Acquisition to branding & distribution, from automobiles to real estate, REIT, etc.  


(Picture taken at SunIslandClub in Shanghai suburban Qingpu.)

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Buffett, Siegel and Wharton Students

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Jeremy Siegel, a Wharton Finance professor and a well known author, took 100 Wharton students to see Buffett as an annual tradition between the school and the Oracle of Omaha. Here is Jeremy’s report. You don’t need to read it all. I think this is the most important part: “Priorities:…But Warren does not stew about past mistakes. He wisely counsels that anything that happens to your finances is secondary to the important things in life – picking a suitable and compatible mate, developing a relationship with your children, and doing something that you enjoy…”

Laura  Rowley, a journalist and an author, also shared similar views.