Front Bumper Problem

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(Update June 6) The bumper is on the way now. It’s from: USAUTOPARTS NETWORK, 17150 S. MARGAY AVE, CARSON CA90746, as shown from agsystems. Not UPS or Fedex.  

(Original June 5) No I have not involved in car accident or anything. I merely demaged the front bumper because of my own carelessness: in the parking lot. Last time when I did the demage to the left side, I fixed it by putting a washer underneath and fastened it. But this time I demaged the right side. I tried the same trick but it did not work. So I went to the bodyshop. The quote is $825 (minimum) for replacement and paint (include labor).

Since I am cheap on cars nowadays, I decide to do on my own (at least do some of the tasks). I found the same bumper from a web site, and placed my order. I plan to install it either myself or ask some guy at a small garage shop for help. But I will still go to the dealer’s bodyshop for paint, right now I am hoping to get it done at around $500.

So what’s lesson here? I think I will be more careful during parking, because I did the demage all in parking lot. From dealship’s point of view, I felt bodyshop and service department made up a lot of revenue and profit for them. Nowadays they made little money from selling new cars (at least some American cars).  

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