Home Inns experience: the good, the bad

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Here is a happy Home Inns customer (from Google Finance). On the other hand, here is a not-so-happy Home Inns customer, Kunwei, who (I believe) has stayed in the US and Singapore for an extended period time before returning to China.

So how do we make all of these? Not too much. The thing I want to say is everyone has his/her own criteria. Also things normally acceptable to one person/group may not be acceptable to another person/group, e.g., men normally have greater tolerance over female on cleaness, smoke etc. I think majority of Home Inns customers are happy with the hotels. They got what they paid for: a clean room, and a comfortable bed.

Please note customer experience is not directly related to the performance of a company’s stock. I still think Home Inns (HMIN) is a great company and don’t doubt their success in the industry, with its strong management and good brand. But, the current stock price already reflects the (potential) earnings in next 2 or 3 years, if they can not deliever as WallStreet expected, the stock won’t have much upside from here (about $30 these days). After all, I have been in the “show me state” for almost 10 years.

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