Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Tomorrow is Father’s day. My parents are wonderful parents, they did all they can to support me and my brothers’ education, under difficult circumstances. But everyone has his/her limit, my dad is no exception. I think from “personal finance” point of view, my dad is a good saver, but he does not know much about investing (that’s understandable because when he was young there were no stocks, bonds). He does not like debt (even borrow from relatives); and he does not like risk either. Thus I don’t need to worry him buying Chinese stocks these days. Good.  

Seriously I think kids tend to learn things from parents. It was until a few years ago when I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (Chinese version here), did I find the reason for my own “risk averse” mind. By the way, that book tells some good principles of personal finance. In last few year I’ve learned from more about finance and business. At this time I am still a poor guy (not dad yet), but I think my goal is be a rich dad. Sorry dad, no offense here 🙂

I am thinking about giving dad a book about finance or investing. Maybe I can go with PeterLynch’s “One Up On Wallstreet” Chinese version?

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