Week in Review 06-10 to 06-16

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Mop is less cool (pacific epoch): Mop, the Chinese teen social networking web sites, became less cool because it did not turn on the Air Condition to save utility cost. Separately, Mop’s parent Co., Oak Pacific, is not going IPO very soon.  

Starbucks to offer salad (Starbucks Gossip): so that they can offer a one stop shop for lunch customer? In doing so they are dumping Jones Soda from fridge. Sorry, go to Panera (St. Louis) Bread Co. if you still want Jones Soda.

Employment based immigration dates all current (visa bulletin): so what? Life won’t change too much for most people, before and after so called “Green Card”. Also keep in mind, the new immigration bill is still stuck in congress. Will the guys already on the bus try to squeeze in to let more people in? Unlikely.

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